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New Website & Video Series Launch!!

We're looking forward to seeing what the new site can do as we continue this amazing journey! After experimenting with a few different platforms over the last year we now feel confident that we have the best of all possible worlds to help us reach out and keep our friends and clients informed. We're also doubling down on our informational video series. This series will focus initially on our Reference Series collection of instruments, the instruments that would eventually give rise to our Reference Line of basses. This collection is made up of vintage Fender basses and some of the very first and current custom NYBW basses that span the 20 plus years of the company. This will be a rare opportunity to gain some insight into how great instruments become great. We truly believe that a great instrument doesn't have to be a product of happenstance or good fortune. It can be very deliberate and with the help of two pairs of critical eyes and ears, we will make sure that each instrument we produce is just that. Reimagined...Redesigned...Remarkable!

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