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Reference Series Basses

One Shape....Many Possibilities

The Reference Series Basses are instruments infused with the DNA of over 20 years of custom bass projects, complex renovations, and pain-staking repairs of nearly every brand of instrument. The empirical knowledge and raging curiosity that this professional bassist/luthier brings, is core to the understanding of how the instrument feels, responds under his fingers, through his body, amplification, and most importantly, his ears.
Not one to concentrate solely on the sound of the instrument, David has made the Jazz Bass® platform more user -friendly and more balanced, with careful consideration regarding ergonomics and construction in the Reference Series bass guitar. After all, what good is an instrument if it causes fatigue? An instrument is a natural conduit for talent, and never an encumbrance to it. An instrument should clear the way for musical statements, and not cause the player concern about how it hangs on a strap when standing, or whether or not it balances properly when sitting. All of the aesthetics that affect playability are well addressed in our basses.
These are just a few of the many considerations making up the Reference Series Basses, and we look forward to sharing more in the very near future. We are excited as we move forward with the roll out, and begin receiving feedback from our clients who anxiously await their Reference Series basses.
As always, thank you all for your continued interest and dedication over the years, we really appreciate your support!

reflect 2.jpg


RS4-22 Ash/Maple

RS4 MM 1.jpg

RS4-22 Alder/Indian rosewood

 RS4 .jpeg

RSVP4-22 Alder/Indian rosewood

RSVP 1 2_edited.jpg

RS5-24 Ash - Birdseye Maple fingerboard block inlays NYBW custom p/u's

RS5-24 Fretless - Ash - AAAAA Walnut - Ebony fingerboard - NYBW custom p/u

RS5-22 Ash/Maple 

Verdino 1 brick_edited.jpg

RS5-24 Ash/Maple

RS5-24 PJ Alder/Indian rosewood 

RS5-22 Alder/Indian rosewood

RS5-22 Ash/Maple

RS5-22 PJ Alder/Indian rosewood

RS5-22 Ash/Maple

RS5-22 PJ Alder/ Indian rosewood

Cj PJ front black.png

RS5-22 Ash/Indian rosewood

RS5-22 PJ Ash/Indian rosewood

RS5-24 #1 Alder/Roasted maple neck /Madagascar rosewood  Video

RS5-24 Ash/Indian rosewood

RS5-24 2.jpg

RS5-24 Ash/Madagascar rosewood

Quilted full_brick.jpeg

RS5-24 PJ Alder/Flame maple/Indian rosewood

Alder/Flame maple/Indian rosewood

RS5-22 Ash/Quilted maple/Indian rosewood

RS5-22 Ash/Quilted maple/Indian rosewood

RS5-24 Claro Walnut/Indian rosewood

RS5-24 Ash/Claro Walnut/Birdseye maple

RS5-22 Alder - Cherry top - Maple fingerboard with Cherry block inlays

Langevin mm 1.jpeg

RS5-24 Mantaray Ash/Maple

MANTA-RAY 1-2_edited.jpg

RS5-24 Mantaray Alder/Rosewood

Mantaray brick lr.jpg

See gallery to view the evolution of Oceana 


All access cutaway. Many choices of P pickups to fine tune your tone. Excellent ergonomics! Past, Present and Future collide! 



Top woods


Flamed Maple

Spalted or Burl Maple /subject to avail.

Quilted Maple


All tops available in 5A master grade as well. If you have something in mind please feel free to inquire!


Fingerboard options
Morado,Indian Rosewood 
Madagascar Rosewood 
Birdseye Maple 
Ebony (fretless only)
Roasted Maple


Matching Headstock (paint)

Block Inlays

Dot inlay (pearl,clay,black, abalone)

Hipshot D-tuner


Left handed



34.5" Scale

Neck:Eastern hard Maple / NYBW proprietary custom graphite reinforced / Single action truss rod

Width: @ Nut 1.75"

Width: @ 22nd fret 2.90”

Profile: comfortable C shape

Fingerboard Radius: Modern compound 10”/14”

Fret size: Rosewood fingerboard/ small 60’s vintage/ Maple medium 70’s

Finish: Ultra thin coat polyester gloss

Hipshot hardware

Dunlop strap locks

Case: NYBW Protec case

Average weight: 9 pounds 12oz

  • A selfless attitude towards our clients and their choice of NYBW is what drives us to excellence. No customer concern is ever ignored or allowed to languish unaddressed! 

  • Attention- After market modifications may void your electronics warranty. Please check with us first because your investment and satsifaction are very important to us!   

State Of The Art Electronics

All New York Bass Works instruments,components and hardware are proudly made right here in the U.S.A.

Custom pickup options...

Dimarzio Area J's 4 & 5 string

NYBW custom shop (pictured below)

NYBW Vintage J and P pickups

Nordstrand ( on Mantaray,Beezsting & Jayray models)

NYBW Hand.jpg

NYBW Custom shop Soapbars!

NYBW singles.jpeg

NYBW in house Vintage Single coils!

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