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Limited Edition

Carefully Crafted Custom Basses

Cremona and Osprey models will be available on a first come first serve basis. There are some in process build slots as well as a limited number of master builds available. Instruments pictured on this page are sold and shown to give a representation of what is possible. Please feel free to inquire about one of these exceptional instruments!

Trio 3-resized.jpg

"A High Performance Bass Guitar must be rich with tone, quick and responsive, effortlessly playable, mechanically reliable, ergonomically correct, and continuously inspiring to the player. This is what New York Bass Works is all about."

David & Carla Segal

Cremona 5 Redwood Burl - Ash/Birdseye maple fingerboard - Sold

Cremona 6 Alder-Flame maple-birdseye maple fingerboard - Sold

Click image for video of instrument being made

Palombi final full brick.jpeg

Cremona 5 Spencer Doren model Ash-Madagascar rosewood fingerboard - Sold

Spence 1 brick_edited.jpg

Cremona 5 Alder-Maple burl-Madagascar rosewood fingerboard - Sold


Cremona 5 Alder-Myrtle-Madagascar rosewood fingerboard - Sold

Aussie 1 brick_edited.jpg

Cremona RB4 fretless -Walnut body-spalted maple-Ebony fingerboard - Sold

Spalt RB4.jpg

Osprey 6 Alder-Quilted maple-Madagascar rosewood fingerboard - Sold

Osprey 6 wix.jpeg

Osprey 7 string fretless Alder-Flamed maple-Ebony fingerboard - Sold


Cremona 6 Alder-Curly Cherry - Madagascar rosewood fingerboard - Sold

Osprey 6 archive 1.jpeg

Cremona 5 Alder/Quilted maple Indian rosewood

Osprey 7 string fretted



Our greatest concern - first and foremost

While there are many woods that can and are used for tops, we don't recommend many of them if they have little or no positive tonal impact to the resulting instrument. When discussing your bass guitar, this will be pointed out in greater detail and the pros and cons will be brought to your attention. We pride ourselves in putting forth only the very best of what we know is possible in a New York Bass Works instrument!

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