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Crafting Bass Guitars at NYBW: Where Form and Function Unite

We are truly grateful for the enthusiastic responses we've received from our weekly blog posts. While many of you in the tri-state area may already be familiar with us, as we continue to grow and gain an international following, we want to provide a more accessible way for everyone to get better acquainted. Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Our Mission:

In the realm of building basses at NYBW, we hold an unwavering commitment to the marriage of form and function. We believe that an instrument should not merely be a piece of eye candy, admired from a distance, but rather, it should be a testament to the artistry of its creation while serving its primary purpose with absolute precision. Our no-nonsense instruments epitomize this ethos, where every detail is thoughtfully designed, every component meticulously chosen, and every element harmoniously balanced to ensure that both the eye and the ear find satisfaction in the perfect synergy of aesthetics and performance.

The Story Behind NYBW - Built for the Working Musician:

From the outset, our instruments were designed to be tools realized for the working bassist. David Segal, founder, and builder, didn't set out to be a bass maker; he would have been fine playing an established brand if he hadn’t felt he could do better in the interest of more satisfactory end results.

Experience and Expertise:

David Segal's journey into bass building is shaped by a diverse background. He cut his teeth in the steamy club scene in Florida, the corporate gig and event arm of the music business in NY, gaining a deep understanding of what musicians needed. His education in audio engineering further honed his perception of sound quality and craftsmanship. This foundation was strengthened during a stint with the legendary touring outfit, Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection:

At NYBW, David’s relentless pursuit of crafting the perfect instrument trickles down to every aspect of our work. We have a fundamental belief that an instrument should only leave our workshop when it is playing perfectly. This means that even though you've patiently waited for your new bass, we may ask for a few more days until the builder is totally happy with the final product.

Your Happiness, Our Priority:

We want every end user to understand that this extra time is not a delay, but a commitment to your happiness. It ensures that when you finally hold your new instrument in your hands and play those first notes, you'll experience the culmination of craftsmanship, dedication, and passion that defines NYBW. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


At NYBW, we are not just building basses; we are crafting the tools of the trade for musicians who demand excellence. Our instruments embody the spirit of innovation, functionality, and artistry, ensuring that they are not mere pieces of eye candy, but indispensable implements in a musician's journey. With every note played, we celebrate the perfect synergy of aesthetics and performance, and we believe that your patience will be rewarded with an instrument that exceeds your every expectation.

Stay tuned for more stories and insights from NYBW as we continue our mission to redefine excellence in instrument craftsmanship.


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