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Gerald Veasley Bass Boot Camp Update!

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 2024 Gerald Veasley Bass Boot Camp! This year, the event will take place at a new venue: the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue, located at 4200 City Ave, Philadelphia, PA, from August 9-11. The Expo, which is a highlight of the event, will be held on August 10th, and we will be there from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The change in venue brings exciting opportunities, with more room for exhibiting and additional space off the exhibition floor. This setup will allow for more private and focused conversations, whether you’re looking to purchase a product on hand or discuss a custom order.

We eagerly welcome this new chapter in the Bass Boot Camp and are excited to see what it brings. We look forward to meeting fellow bass enthusiasts and sharing our passion for bass instruments. Join us for an inspiring weekend of music, learning, and connection!

Please note that details are fluid and subject to change. We will update you as new information becomes available.

More news

In a surprising turn of events, the once-mighty music retail giant, Sam Ash Music, has been sold to Mexican music retailer Gonher Music for $15,000,000. For over a century, Sam Ash stood as a cornerstone of the music industry, known for its extensive range of instruments and commitment to customer service. The company's fall from grace is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retailers in the digital age.

This news is particularly poignant for those who worked at Sam Ash, who learned the ropes of the music business and developed a deep passion for the industry. The company's demise has left many former employees searching for new opportunities and facing an uncertain future.

As we reflect on this significant shift, it's important to extend our best wishes to the former employees who have lost their jobs and those who remain. The music retail industry has become increasingly difficult to navigate, with fierce competition from online retailers and changing consumer habits. Those who continue to work in this field must adapt and innovate to survive in this challenging environment.

The sale of Sam Ash to Gonher Music marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the music retail landscape. While it is a bittersweet moment, it also presents, like Manny's, a possible opportunity for renewal under new leadership. We hope that Gonher Music will honor the legacy of Sam Ash and continue to serve musicians with the same dedication and passion that defined the brand for so many years.


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