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New Year, New Challenges! And So it Begins!

Back at it in 2024! As we step into the new year, we're delighted to share that the previous year was one of our best yet. It was filled with exciting encounters with new clients, the creation and ongoing construction of basses tailored to their dreams, and the joy of witnessing these instruments make their debut on the world stage, clearing their throats in resounding fashion.

Reflecting on the success of the past year, we're eagerly anticipating an even more dynamic 2024. This year, we plan to unveil a host of new ideas, pushing the boundaries of innovation in bass guitar craftsmanship. Simultaneously, we are committed to refining our build process, ensuring that the journey from concept to placing a finely crafted instrument into your hands is as swift as possible without compromising our dedication to quality.

The upcoming year promises to be an exciting one, filled with the introduction of fresh musical endeavors. Keep your eyes and ears open for a wave of new music releases. Concurrently, we are earmarking stock builds for the year, and we invite you to inquire about our plans. Who knows? Your dream instrument might be among the creations we have in store. Our new builds are a testament to our imagination and experience, blending unique wood and pickup combinations that we know will thrive in any musical conditions.

Leave the details to us; we've got this! If you haven't already, head over to NYBW TV and subscribe. With over 50 videos available and counting, it's a treasure trove of information for those interested in our instruments. This platform not only serves as a valuable resource for gathering information but also features exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.

As we dive back into our work with enthusiasm, we're genuinely excited to see what the new year holds and the new players who will join our growing family. Here's to a year filled with innovation, quality craftsmanship, and welcoming new members into the world of New York Bass Works!


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