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Safeguarding Your Musical Investment: A Guide to Traveling with Instruments

Greetings, New York Bass Works fans!

This week, we're addressing an issue that's close to the hearts of many musicians—traveling with your beloved instrument. Instead of reiterating the same old advice, I've come across an exceptional article on the Cabinzero website that delves into this topic. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help musicians protect their instruments while on the move, and I believe it encapsulates the issue perfectly.

In recent times, we've had a few unfortunate incidents where some of our players' instruments were lost by airlines, only to be found later. The fact that this happens is truly unacceptable. It appears that, in the eyes of airlines, passengers and their belongings are often reduced to mere dollar signs or occupied seats. This lack of quality service warrants our attention.

For many musicians, their instrument is not just a tool; it's their livelihood. You've likely invested a significant amount of time and effort in acquiring and mastering it. Instruments are often irreplaceable, particularly if they're one-of-a-kind creations.

Your instrument deserves better care and consideration. So, I invite you to check out the article from Cabinzero for valuable insights and advice on how to safeguard your musical investment while traveling.

Remember, your instrument is not just an object; it's a part of your musical soul. Let's strive for better care and protection for our musical companions.

Safe travels and keep the music alive!


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