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Unveiling the RS5-22JQ: Elevating the Legacy of a Timeless Sound

The Harmonic Crossroads of Jamaica Queens, NYC

Jamaica Queens, a hub of creativity and collaboration, incubated a rich tapestry of musical genres. Jazz, funk, reggae, hip-hop, and R&B coalesced in this eclectic neighborhood, giving birth to a sound that knew no limits. Artists from this area dared to challenge conventions, infusing their music with a kaleidoscope of influences that resonated far beyond the borough's borders.

A Sonic Legacy

At New York Bass Works, we've dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of this iconic sound. This legendary sound, rooted in the ash-maple combo, defined an era and transcended genres, played by an iconic bassist whose influence continues to resonate across the musical landscape. We've spent years studying it, understanding its nuances, and pushing the boundaries to take it to the next level. Now, we're proud to introduce the RS5-22JQ in ash/maple – an instrument designed to tackle any musical challenge with universal aplomb.

Embracing a Legend's Sound

While we hold the identity of the bass phenom who helped define this sound in utmost reverence, we've taken inspiration from his mastery, to craft an instrument that stands on its own. Our 70's wind pickups, meticulously designed to capture the nuances of that era, faithfully reproduce the tonal magic that transcended genres and defined a generation.

Unleashing Sonic Possibilities

But we didn't stop at replication - we aimed for evolution. The RS5-22JQ pays tribute to the past while embracing the future. Just as that original Jazz bass underwent a transformative phase with the introduction of an onboard preamp, our RS5-22JQ is equipped with cutting-edge technology that pushes the boundaries of creativity. This onboard innovation opens a world of sonic exploration, allowing you to sculpt your sound with precision and ingenuity.

A Timeless Backbone for Modern Hits

It's undeniable that the sound we're celebrating played a pivotal role in shaping countless hits of the past. Today, as music evolves and genres merge, the RS5-22JQ offers a foundation that remains true to its heritage while adapting to the demands of contemporary music production. Whether you're laying down a groove for an R&B anthem or setting the rhythm for a rock opus, the ash/maple RS5-22JQ is your ultimate companion.

The RS5-22JQ: Elevate Your Sound

After many years of dedication, we are thrilled to present the RS5-22JQ - a testament to our passion for preserving the legacy of a legendary sound while embracing innovation. With this instrument in your hands, you hold the power to captivate audiences, honor tradition, and carve a path toward sonic brilliance.

Discover the RS5-22JQ at New York Bass Works today and embark on a journey of

musical evolution!

In Stock Now and available in 4 & 6 string configurations!

(For more details, specifications, and availability, please visit our website or contact us directly.)


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