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Welcome to New York Bass Works TV!

We're excited to share our renewed commitment to bringing you all things, New York Bass Works, in one centralized hub – our YouTube channel! Brace yourself for a journey filled with exclusive artist interviews, product reveals, behind-the-scenes magic, and a special treat: the complete Reference Collection videos.

What's in Store:

Artist Interviews: Immerse yourself in the world of bass through conversations with skilled artists who choose New York Bass Works instruments. Discover their stories, insights, and the unique connection they share with our basses.

Product Reveals: Be the trendsetter by catching the premieres of our latest creations. Witness the innovation and precision that define New York Bass Works in our exclusive product reveal videos.

Behind the Scenes: Get an insider's perspective on the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each instrument. From raw materials to the finishing touches, our behind-the-scenes content offers an intimate look at the artistry behind New York Bass Works.

Reference Collection Series: Dive deep into the mind of the creator with our Reference Collection videos. This series provides an exclusive glimpse into the vintage bass inspiration and design philosophy behind the Reference Series line of basses. Gain clarity and confidence if you're considering adding one of our Reference Series instruments to your musical arsenal.

How to Dive In:

Like: Show your support by giving us a thumbs up! Your likes keep the rhythm going.

Subscribe: Stay in the loop with regular updates. Subscribe to New York Bass Works TV and be the first to know about our newest content. Some features will hit NYBW TV first so don't miss out!

Enjoy: Immerse yourself in the passion we pour into each video. New York Bass Works is more than a brand; it's a community, a commitment to excellence, and a celebration of bass craftsmanship.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or a curious enthusiast, join us on New York Bass Works TV for an adventure where the rhythm meets the reel. Head over now, like, subscribe, and let the bass journey unfold!


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